Sunday, June 13, 2010

what's up, Sukas

For those of you wondering "wus gwan", we changed our name.

Pearl Harbour kept letting the air out of Cody's tires.

Also, we made a bandcamp thing. Try to familiarize yourself with that interface and buy our new EP, available digitally right now and on vinyl via Gloriette in about a month.

We'll have new news later this week regarding songs, records, a new website, and tour related isht.

Also, we will be hosting a contest while we're on the road, every single date we have a show booked. More info on that soon.

Puro Instinct


  1. hi, dear girls! happy to meet you again :) i love your music so much :) from PH to PI... is next step PJ??? ;) pls, let me know when the physical copy will be out!

  2. Hey gals! So it was indeed a change of band name on the horizon. Hopefully not a change in style. ;)

    Have you shipped out the Slivers of you 7"s yet. Still waiting by the mailbox...

  3. Love the new name and the slight change of sound!
    Great stuff!
    Blogged about the name change here:

  4. Hey, so, like, three months ago I sent ya'll like $15 for the Pearl Harbor vinyl and a cassette...and I still haven't got it. I comment on your PH blog about it and you said it was on the way. That was like over a month ago.
    What's the frequency?