Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A message from Puro

Hey QT's and CS's-

Weeeee'reeee baaaaaaaack...

and I wish we weren't.

I just want to say thank you so much to Haunted Garridos Bros for making this thee world's sweetest tour (first, or ever), and for all the love, support, memories, hilarity, and summer dodi fun time bestowed upon us by theyms, wun time. Can't wait til they're back from Oslo so we can sit around and try to recreate the tour scenario at home. Put on some Al Diamond, take the 10 til we hit a Love's, etc. So much L.U.V. for L'ariel Pinku, Midnyte Nguyen, Kenny G, Joe, D.O.D. Ramirez and Drew. Also, thank you so much to Kenny for filling in when Cody wasn't allowed into Canada because he is a dangerous convict, and also in states that he wasn't present because he is a hard-working individual who had school obligations that cut into tour time.

We also want to say thanks to Magic Kids for being rad tour budz, skating around backstages in ramshackle Elizabethan style with us, blazing that D.O.D. with us, tawkin' shit, hangin' chill, the good times and the good chimes.. wouldn't have been the same without them.

HUGE thank you to David for driving like a motherfucking champiyone all across the country, thanks to Phil for taking care of all my delinquent mail obligations/putting up with my shit :), Mexican Summer for being the master facilitators of the party tymes of yore and tomorrow, thank you to TXHP for not smelling the weed I ate the second I saw the miasmic swirl of their red & blue lights behind us, thanks to my band for being the raddest dudes ever.

To anyone that intends on billing us, writing about us, talking about us, thinking about us, passively accepting us, etc:

No more "formerly known as Pearl Harbor". We are not Prince. No one really knew who we were when we were Pearl Harbor. If you're a fan and you didn't get the memo about the name change, you will figure it out when you are ready.

I'm gonna put up some pictures from tour soon, just kind of have to collect them and find the motivation to share them with others. Also, we are about to start recording our album, which is probably going to be out in February of '11. I'll update you guys as info trickles in...

Stay Puro until next tyme, wun tyme.

Piper and Puto Instinto

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