Saturday, October 23, 2010

Interview with Hartzine

We did an interview with Hartzine a couple of months ago and now it is on the internet. Here's the transcript in English for those of you who haven't discovered the magic of Google Translate.

French to English translation via Google Translate. A very broken shit excuse for what he probably wrote but thanks anyways, Internet.

"Previously known as Pearl Harbor, Puro Instinct packed this unbroken line of female indie rock groups. Their charm is likely because they know actually play their instruments and that their group is not an excuse to go on tour in two weeks. Pipper has agreed to answer our questions, taking care to avoid certain. You'll find quite a rational explanation on the stage of their bankruptcy and contemporary revelations about their future LP."

hi puro,
I thought for a moment the band was dead, then you are resurfaced with a new name, what has happened?

What has happened with us or the name? We went on tour w/ Ariel Pink's Haunted Grafari and now we're back at home working on our full length. All but one of us is jobless, we have run ourselves out of almost every social circle in Los Angeles, and we've taken a liking to fine Lebanese cuisine..

This summer, in europe, i could see on stage some trendy us girl bands touring the old continent. Live shows were creepy, sometimes ridiculous, looked like a bad rehersal session before packing gear. then, i've seen footage of your last live acts and it was very pleasant. You seem to be well-skilled musicians, how long do you play together, as a band ?

That's funny. The problem is that some of them are Scientologists. If there's any advice I can give you, it's "don't believe the hype"- because it's been paid for by the Church of Scientology. This incarnation of the live band has existed since January if you don't count Mike, and May if you do.

how does the song-writing process work ?

It's different for every song

> maybe i'm wrong but i feel like your songs are less guitar-driven. They are more and more built from synth chords parts with a certain vintage flavour. it makes your sound indefinable : not totally dream pop, not totally synth pop...somewhere between the pale saints and a dreamy chris rea cover band. do you agree ? How do you describe it ?

Hmm, those are flattering comparisons. I grew up listening to Pale Saints' Comforts of Madness and Chris Rea's got some killer licks.. I think we'll take your word for it and leave it at that.

according your twitter, you are recording some new tunes. how it happens ? Are you recording in LA? Are you involved in practising studio room (managing the studio console, etc...) or it's not your "cup of tea"?

Our friend Kenny Gilmore (Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti) is recording and producing us in his studio in Glendale, CA. He's so talented, I would recommend him to everyone if I wasn't so greedy. I haven't touched the controls because I don't want to mess anything up... mostly a lot of recording and then listening to the playback and being like "holy shit!! this is us?!" and then burning one to celebrate.. every 5 minutes or so.

what could we expect from this (from a musical point of view) ? more russian-influenced folk guitar riffs ;) ?

Easy-listening arena rock for headbangers on ecstasy...

Thinking about your age difference, i imagine you probably already thought of making music each of your side? what kind of side project could you play in ?

At this point, I'm all Puro, man... I do enough recording at home alone to satisfy my extramarital urges.... My sister mentioned something about getting a sludge-shitrock band going with Don Bolles

thanks a lot

thank YOU!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Headbangers In Ecstasy

Our full length is finished. It sounds very puro. It will be called "Headbangers In Ecstasy", due out sometime early next year. I'm sure it will leak long before that, but a bithchke can dream right?

Thank you so very much to Kenny G, Ariel P, R. Stevie Moore, Richard Ross, Zane Reyn, Cisco, the lovely Teen Incs, our mom Lester, and our close affiliate Juan. Couldn't have done this without you guys and we love and appreciate you for all the killer vibes, inspiration, gear, weed, jokes, and genius you interjaculated upon this experience. That was sick.

We'll be releasing the first single off the record "Stilyagi" b/w "Put Medved to Bedved" pretty soon, more info to come.

I will be sending out any delinquent mail things this week, so if you have any claims you needs to be filing with these amateur pukes, send them to Apologies in advance for my shitty correspondence with you during this recording period. A lot of my personal relationships have dissolved too.

Until next tyme-

Stay puro