Friday, October 15, 2010

Headbangers In Ecstasy

Our full length is finished. It sounds very puro. It will be called "Headbangers In Ecstasy", due out sometime early next year. I'm sure it will leak long before that, but a bithchke can dream right?

Thank you so very much to Kenny G, Ariel P, R. Stevie Moore, Richard Ross, Zane Reyn, Cisco, the lovely Teen Incs, our mom Lester, and our close affiliate Juan. Couldn't have done this without you guys and we love and appreciate you for all the killer vibes, inspiration, gear, weed, jokes, and genius you interjaculated upon this experience. That was sick.

We'll be releasing the first single off the record "Stilyagi" b/w "Put Medved to Bedved" pretty soon, more info to come.

I will be sending out any delinquent mail things this week, so if you have any claims you needs to be filing with these amateur pukes, send them to Apologies in advance for my shitty correspondence with you during this recording period. A lot of my personal relationships have dissolved too.

Until next tyme-

Stay puro

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