Monday, July 28, 2014

Viva Pomona vid 4 U + the nunununu

The record is done! The record is done. The record... is done. Thank you so much to Sam Mehran for mixing it, and Ariel Pink, Franco Falsini, Richard "Sax" Ross, Courtney Lynne Garvin, Nicky Sparkles & Ale Cohen for offering up their time and skills to help us realize the vision on a few trax ;)

Also special thanks to our friends at Sun Potion for sending us a vibey superfoods survival kit comprised of TOCOS + PRASH (aka the most insanely bomb admixture of wild raw honey & ghee) + CACAO + ANANDAMIDE (aka cacao + tonic herbs) ... these lovely treats definitely kept us glowing and on our A Game throughout the final stretch ! 

Currently working on a nu track w/ our homeboi Theo Pazoga AKA STRIP STEVE + some other fun shiz 4 U to vibe on. 



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